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Louis Leclair


Video Games

Generating emotions, creating experiences

Video games have always fascinated me. This unique experiential medium is a playground I'm particularly fond of as a player and creator.


I joined the industry in 2021, and have been working for over 2 years at the independent studio CREATIVE VR 3D.


This highly multidisciplinary and versatile experience has enabled me to develop my skills in a number of areas and explore the infinite possibilities of the engine we're working on: Unity. 


I'm very versatile because I'm very curious and, above all, very passionate.


  • Gameplay

  • Interfaces

  • Design Patterns

Narrative design,


  • World Building

  • Dialogue writing

  • Narrative integration

Logo Scribouille_edited.png

3D généraliste

  • Props

  • Environnement



Empathy is at the heart of our lives, enabling us to understand others and their emotions. Without empathy, communication between living beings is sterile.


Creativity is defined as the ability to create, to envisage new solutions to problems. It's also a way of looking at things, renewing our vision of our environment.


Passion shakes us, embraces us and never lets go. It's an engine with simple but gargantuan cogs. It's passion that drives us forward in the best possible way.


Intimately linked to the first values, open-mindedness is the first step towards relativity, curiosity and creativity. It enables the questioning necessary for progress.


La relativité, au contraire de l'empathie est le fruit d'une réflexion. Elle permet aux hommes de comprendre que sa vision est unique et n'est peut-être pas la même qu'un autre. C'est le première étape à l'ouverture d'esprit. 


It's a desire, a need, an urge that leads us to question ourselves. It's the reflection of our incomprehension, the fruit of an infinite thirst for knowledge.


Besoin incompris, l'exigence est un sacerdoce pour qui la subit. Pourtant, c'est elle qui façonne les plus beaux projets, c'est elle qui, alliée à la passion, nous pousse à nous donner à 200% pour qu'un travail soit plus qu'une tâche mais aussi une fierté. 


It is the opposite of rigidity, and represents the fact that every situation is unique. It is impossible to solve different equations by reproducing the same solution. 

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