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Here you'll find a list of the various development skills I've acquired while working on Unity using the C# language.


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I've been working with the Unity game engine for over 5 years. I have a deep understanding of how it works and a detailed knowledge of its features and components.

  • Animations (controllers, IK, overrides..)

  • UI (interactions, layouts)

  • Lighting (baking, blend et reflections probs)

  • Navigation (Navmesh, agent, procedural baking)

  • Optimisation (occlusion, LOD, Quality Settings, profiler..)

  • Physic 

  • Renderers 

All this knowledge accelerated my development learning curve, because even before I knew C#, I knew all the features and possibilities offered by all Unity components.

  • Dialogues

  • Controllers (FPS, TPS, VR)

  • Finite States Machines (IA, Player)

  • Outils d'éditeur (placement d'objets etc..)

  • Système simplifié d'interactions avec les Unity Events

Gameplay Development

I've been developing my skills as a developer (C#) for over 1 year with Unity. I learned object-oriented development while working on Bad Dreams. I developed many systems for this project: Player Controller (VR), FSM (enemy AI), physical interaction system, life and damage system...


I continue to learn and improve all the time, working on prototypes and ideas -sometimes crazy-, always on Unity.

My development techniques follow the KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid ;) and SOLID principles. I focus on the use of interfaces and the creation of understandable systems to facilitate maintenance and modification.


Ports & Api integrations

As part of my work on Bad Dreams. I integrated the Bhaptics API, which allows us to get haptic feedback on external devices. 

I also participated in the porting to PS4 (PSVR1) and PS5 (PSVR2), integrating their respective APIs into our project.

I really love working on API implementations, as they involve adapting or adding to existing systems. Their often varied architectures offer satisfying challenges.

Personal Project

3rd Character Controller

Création d'un character controller à la troisième personne. Système de dialogue. Une FSM simplifiée (IA ennemie) et un système de combat.

screenshot ff4b8834-e656-4432-9981-e52cd8f72fd6.pngscreenshot 134ec224-af29-42f1-ac2f-d5e0
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