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Mon travail sur le projet Fallen Angels était concentré sur trois parties distinctes : Narration, UI & Sound Design.


The primary objective was to give a narrative framework to a fun, light-hearted gameplay: throw characters into the scenery to obtain the highest score (the most broken bones). 


The game itself already had a parodic tone, offering a surprisingly cathartic experience. Catharsis was the starting point for our discussion of "purification" and "redemption". Add to this train of thought bodies falling from the sky, and you're on the threshold of theology. So why not parody it? 


Fallen Angels. Fallen angels. People who have to purify themselves before they can enter Paradise. But how? Like all penances, through suffering. 

pitch narratif.png

Une fois le contexte posé, il était temps d'intégrer les personnages à cette narration. Le jeu est doté d'un système de sélection de personnages qui est principalement cosmétique. Ainsi, il fallut créer l'histoire des personnages, leurs identités et les péchés dont ils devaient être purifiés.

fiche eve.png
fiche adam.png
fiche rick.png
fiche joe.png
fiche chloe.png
fiche ivy.png
fiche emily.png
fiche harper.png
fiche arthur.png

Once we'd decided on a name for the application, we had to give it a body, a language and a look. Define the graphic charter, design the logo and interactive elements (UI, store, buttons, scoring). 

Lorsque les personnages entrent en collision avec le décor, des onomatopées visuelles sont instanciées pour amplifier le feedback.


Then it was time to create the sound universe: theme music, gameplay feedback, UI, character dubbing. 


For us, the most important thing was to reinforce feedback during the gameplay phase: jumps and collisions. Jumps are marked by a sentence spoken by the character (short, hilarious). Collisions are highlighted by exaggerated fracture sound effects. 


The musical theme required more research. We wanted to create a contrast with something happy and ethereal, without abandoning our comic or even absurd identity. A simple loop with banjo and drums was then introduced into the menu. Three versions: intro, loop and full.

Menu-intro-completLouis Leclair
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